Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 1390: A gourd is a gourd is a gourd... NOT!!!

timing, collage, photo & digital

A gourd is a gourd is a gourd? 

NOT really!!!
Meet gourd artist Norma Prickett, of Stillwater Designs.

who regularly transforms the humble gourds into ...
museum quality fine art.

Award- winning ...

superb workmanship

original designs.

She also creates jewelry, boxes, vessels & more.

Norma taught our Eastside group beaded vessels.

With Norma's expert guidance, we measured & drilled
holes for the beading process, then stained the gourd.

I chose to paint the gourd interior with black acrylic.
We picked seed beads for the wiring process.

a finished sample, double beaded gourd by teacher, Diane Calderwood

Everyone picked their own gourd shape, dye stain, 
bead color scheme and design.

Linda's gourd in progress & sample gourd beading by Norma

Sophia, age 4

Norma's beautiful granddaughter finished her gourd
before I was halfway done!
Something to do with nimble fingers, good eyes & patience?

The "Eastsider's" were thrilled with their gourds.

Ethan, age 1

And our gracious companion, Ethan ...
Norma & Robert's rescued 3 legged German Shepherd.
Don't feel sorry, he doesn't know it! He does it all!

After 4-1/2 hours, I am very proud of my little gourd.
Thank you Norma!

Erin, Jody & Diane, we missed you!

77 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Monday ...

(Leslie's Frida socks)

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