Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 1307: Still don't wanna be a prima donna!

"I remember",  collage, photo & digital

If you have seen the past few days of this little blog,
and in case you are in "Karate" overload or TMI,
I apologize.
Posting daily, it just works out that 
I usually mention what is going on that day.
Monday morning, I was still tired from the previous days.
Going to day class was difficult, but I always remember
years ago, the day after a tournament we had a low turnout
in our day class, just four of us as I remember?
Demura Sensei said he could always tell 
the real champions because they were in class the next day!
And, that the "prima donnas" took a day off.

Now, long past competition days, 
I still don't want to be a prima donna, 
so I show up.

83 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

Visiting karate-ka from Canada, Panama, Chile, and more ...

and if you wonder what happens after?


A smile for Tuesday ...

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