Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 1304: A little Hombu Dojo history ...

"SJC barn", collage, photos & digital

Lately there's been a lot of blog talk here 
about our Hombu Dojo in Santa Ana, CA.
Shito-Ryu Genbu-Kai Karate Headquarters.

Just a humble little edifice, but our home since the sixties ...

a virtual time capsule of memories, from over the many years.

(the office)

The office and walls of the this little building are filled with Demura Sensei's awards, magazine covers & mementos.
A year ago we didn't think we would still be here this year.
The City of Santa Ana is widening Bristol Street,
and has claimed our dojo by eminent domain.

So Friday morning, for possibly the last time here, 
Demura Sensei had Mochitsuki for our visiting Karate-ka.

Followed by Kobudo (weapons) testing,

and then Batto (sword drawing) testing. 
Meanwhile 47 karate-ka filled the parking lot to
prepare for various levels of Dan (black belt) testing.

No pictures are allowed from the 4 hour Dan testing.
Followed by two kata seminars  5 - 8PM.
Later in the office ...

 discussions and plans for ...

A very busy, fun week with good friends.

Thank you Demura Sensei! 

A smile for Saturday ...

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