Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 1295: A workout, a dvd, a new book and homework ...

Faith, graphite & acrylic on journal page

Some days are like this.
After a hard workout, 
 I picked up Demura Sensei's newly released dvd ...
You can see a brief (1 min.) trailer here,
or the full (4 min.) trailer here

And, I am 1/3 into my new book. 
I like it a lot, so I am pacing myself.
Do you do that? 

And I am behind in my online class ... Grit and Grace
beautifully taught by artist, Katie Kendrick,
but I am really enjoying the process.

non-dominant hand drawing
taped Trader Joe's bag

We are working with graphite, gesso & collage.

Years ago when I was trying to juggle
too many tasks, my Dad would say ...
"maybe you could tie a broom around your waist, 
so you could sweep up at the same time."

I think if he were here, he'd be saying that.

84 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

Throwback Thursday ...

LAX 1983

A smile for Thursday ...

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