Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 1280: Sometimes life gets in the way ...

"treeview", photo, collage & digital

Sometimes life gets in the way of my good intentions.
Does that happen to you at all?
I had a sizable list of to-do's for today.
There's been a lot of gallivanting lately & I am behind.
But I also scheduled sleeping in today, since 
I didn't get to bed till 3:45 AM Tuesday morning! Really!
At 9:50 AM Tuesday I got a call from WonderWoman.
She had snagged a pedicure appointment for us at 10:30.
I never turn down WW, even if a trip to the landfill.
So I rushed and met her just a few minutes late, 
but in so - so condition. 
She and Daughter #2, Cheryl ...

had scheduled Pho for lunch at noon. 
Great food and even greater conversation.
We cover it all, no one is safe. 
 Then on my drive home I spotted the Pacific!
Lynn in Colorado especially likes the "Pacific checks",
so this is probably a stretch, but if you look really close ...


that silvery sliver is the Pacific from Anaheim Hills.


And on the other side, Anaheim Hills,

just in case you wanted a hill check?

Once home I gave in to a nap. 
Now as I finish Day 1280 blog post ...
I haven't touched anything on my today's to-do list!
Life sometimes gets in the way?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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