Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 1274: Behind and binge watching ...

Chaos 4, acrylic & graphite

I don't have Netflix, Showtime, HBO, 
Amazon Prime or any of those goodies!
Gosh, I barely get my work done now.
But just yesterday I started "binge watching"!
I enrolled in a truly amazing on line class

with the wonderful artist, Katie Kendrick.
I have mentioned Katie earlier, here, here & here.
I don't have a good enough vocabulary 
to tell you just how inspiring she is.
I sit transfixed watching the beautiful videos & extras too!
She makes me want to jump in and get to work.
And I will, but ...  I teach Thursday and Saturday ...
and I need to put that first to get everything ready.

Hard being a grown-up when you want to play.

Meanwhile, I am behind and trying to stay calm.
It's an act and not working too well.
Thanks for stopping by, 
I'll let you know how it goes.

64 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

1987 Costa Mesa Dojo National Team

Back row: Erin Long Salloum. Alexis Meshi, Joshua Taylor, Maggie Rodriguez
 Colin Morris, Dennis Rivera,Dar Meshi, Nanette Taylor, 
Middle row: Chris Sakai, Violet Rivera, Danny Duenas, Simon Kotler, Tracy O'Connor. 
Front row: Matt Hoss, Brian Center, Brett Tolmie, Chris O'Connor, Brandon Nomura.

A smile for  Thursday ...

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