Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day1211: The blessings of real friendship.

Selma, collage & photo, digitized

Do you have a special friend who doesn't require maintenance?
One who doesn't keep track of whose turn to call?
One who seems to love you no matter what?
Where you might go months, then ...
pick up right where you left off?
I really hope you do. 
But you can't have Carole, she's mine.

Over the past 38 years, our kids grew up together ... 
and are still best friends.

Carole is Mom #2 to WonderWoman, and ...
I am Mom #2 to Cheryl, Kevin, Lisa & Greg.
We have each others back, without question.

We had lunch today ... 

Can you guess who had which?

picking up right where we left off.
Life is good.

Who is your special friend?
I'd love to hear, honest, I really would.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Well behaved team leaving LAX for W.VA Jr. Olympics 1991
 with Tommy P, Brenda deThomaso, David Walter, Tony Cappuccilli, Kevin Suzuki, Dennis Rivera, Brian Bingman, David Anthony Alduenda, Roberto Torres, Erin Long Salloum, me, Alexis Meshi & more.

A smile for Thursday ...

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