Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day 1195: Tempted to play hooky.

fuschia, photo & collage digitally blended

After a big day at the tournament yesterday,
I have to admit I was tempted to play "hooky" and ...
almost skipped my usual Monday day class.
But, I always remember Demura Sensei saying, years ago ...
the real champions are in class the day after the tournament.
Though no longer a competitor, I try to keep that spirit.

After a long hard class, Sensei & seven of us went for Pho.
Mei is an amazing baker and she spoils us,
bringing a wonderful cheesecake for dessert.
I should have taken a photo of it, but I was too busy eating.
Thus, negating the calories burned off in class.

Ready to drive home I looked up at the sky ...

taking these shots in four directions ...

looking for our promised upcoming rain ......

and boy do we need rain!

Keeping my fingers & toes crossed.
Thanks so much for visiting this random blog today.
Wishing you a great day!

79 degrees, Santa Ana, CA 
Team Canada joined us today.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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