Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 1157: What's on the docket?

booksale, digital collage

What's on your docket?
I actually googled the word, 

dock·et/ˈdäkət/               noun
a calendar or list of cases for trial or people having cases pending.
a document or label listing the contents of a package or delivery.

as I don't hear it much & I though I might be off track?
My docket today included an early lunch ...

at Mongolian Barbecue with artist/friend Valerie. 
Then we were off to ...

photo by Valerie

Fullerton Public Library.

photo by Valerie

For the first day of their famous sale.

photo by Valerie

Not your normal little book sale,
but a huge highly organized & well supported event.

photo by Valerie

If you go on Sunday, you get 2 for 1 of what's left ...
or a whole bag for $.

Admittedly, I do not need another book, 
magazine, atlas, or paper of any kind. But ...

sometimes the will power wanes?

back cover

I thought I might share my haul?

Some purchased for the artwork ...

... some for fun.

50 assorted craft papers 50c

12 @ .50c, 7 @ .25c, 1 @ .75c
So for roughly the price of lunch ...
I came home with 20 super-cool books & papers.
A fun & successful docket?
What's on your docket this weekend?

A smile for Saturday ...

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