Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 1066: All ears and nodding ...

"Close", junk mail collage

Today I listened to my first podcast.
Have you ever listened to a podcast?
Here is the link to the one I heard.

It's an hour, six minutes!
I know, I know, we are all too busy for that much time.
But, I thought I'd try a few minutes ...
 it featured artist Jane Davies (who I admire) and ...

Jane Davies

 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer & her Mom, Eileen Hsü-Balzer.
Not a video, so of course there is no picture.
At first I sat looking at the tiny white screen as they spoke.
Like party lines on old country phones when I was very little.
Then I started working on collage as I listened.
So, I listened and worked, and loved it!
I found myself nodding in agreement, then
laughing at still other scenarios.
It's wonderful when your mind creates the visual.
So I enjoyed the whole thing ...
it was like having company as I worked.
I highly recommend this fun time.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

A smile for Saturday ...

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