Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 1061: How about a Monday step by step?

"E-O", dictionary & junk mail collage postcard

Sometimes I try to work with unusual color combinations.
Of course I have my favorites, but I need to expand.
Today I pulled a few random scraps ...

starting with a 4 x 6" cardboard, a postcard size substrate.

Adding dictionary paper on left & junk mail ad on the right.

Tearing the third shape from junk mail and adding to left side.

Tearing & adding a similar fourth shape from Japanese tissue.

Finally, the fifth piece, a strip of wrapping paper, and done.
I never know how many pieces it will take. Today it was five.


I had a smart student, now a successful businessman, 
who as a child said's not rocket surgery
Jared knowingly combined the "rocket science" and 
"brain surgery" for comic effect. 
I liked it and have used it ever since.


Why did I bring that up? Because ...
the above isn't a masterpiece, my colors scheme or my best, 
but it is another step. More practice.
And, as I tell my students ...
please don't throw away or cover up your messes,
they make the good stuff look better!
And after all,'s not rocket surgery!

Happy Monday, it's possible.

A smile for Monday ...

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