Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 1051: Steps and more steps along the way ...

"Hard", collage postcard

Another attempt at a step by step collage.

4 x 6" cardboard

Starting with a postcard sized cardboard substrate,

1st piece of paper

I used glue stick to adhere a piece of dictionary paper.

2nd piece of paper

auditioning 3rd piece of paper

3rd piece of paper adhered

4th piece of paper adhered

5th piece of paper added

6th piece of paper in place

auditioning a piece for color

7th piece of paper covered the 6th piece of paper

auditioning for a yellow piece of paper

8th piece of paper in place

I thought I was done & scanned the one above, 
but then decided it needed one more.

9th piece of paper and done.

Not my best, but still a fun process, 
made a little harder by stopping to photograph each step.

People seem to like pictures of a messy workspace?

I start with a bunch of papers that I think might work ...
and this is what it looks like when I am done. 
These leftover papers will be saved for future auditions.
A student recently asked me if I encouraged hoarding ...
I said I prefer to think of it as paper harvesting! ;o)

A smile for Friday ...

get it ... "step"?

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