Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 1047: I never heard my Dad swear ...

"Palmletter", digitally layered photos and collages

I never heard my Dad swear ... except once.
I was almost 16 and he was teaching me to drive shift.
That was my Dad's specialty.
An honored Greyhound bus driver as a young man.

A Hollywood studio driver in later years,

when the acting career didn't work out.
He was a master driver.
So when his only child,  who he always called "Jack" ...
(because he had wanted a boy)
initially couldn't co-ordinate letting out the clutch ...
and the engine went ca-chunk-ca-chunk-ca-chunk ...
he really couldn't help himself.
I heard @#$%$  ^&*%$ !!!
The only time I ever heard him swear. 

A smile for Monday ...

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