Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 1044: It seems to me it's all about time?

"ER down", collage & acrylics digitally collaged

As I live longer and longer,
it seems to me that it's all about time?
Time is accelerating in an unfair proportion to my slowing.
I find myself getting more and more protective of my time.
I guess I am now aware that it is a finite commodity.
I don't think I thought about that in earlier years.
Maybe too busy, or maybe in that blissful time ...
when we think we are untouchable?
I guess I am thinking this because tomorrow ...
I will watch Grandhunk # 3 graduate from 8th grade.
I was there when he came into this world.
So many memories, now age14 & 6 foot ...
Zack will play football as a freshman for OLU.

 I am going to do my very best not to be a blubbering grandma.
But, I don't have a good track record.

A smile for Friday ...

(it's the theme song)

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