Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 986: Reaching for the stars.

"Podtree", photo & collages, digitally layered

The City of Mission Viejo hired me ...
to layout and implement a large canvas

that would be completed by their volunteers ...
for National Library Appreciation Week.
They had the concept of hands reaching for the stars,

and my job was to make it happen.
I decided to have each volunteer trace their hand ...
on heavy manilla paper, then trace the cut out onto
any paper of their choice, tissue, magazine, telephone book. 

Adding their signature or maybe a message ...

over seven hours, the volunteers dropped in to contribute.
Using gel medium, and paper collage, hands were 
layered onto the 36 x 48" heavy duty canvas.

The sky was acrylic and the abstract stars from collage papers.

Photo by  Dru Maurer

The last step was outlining each hand.

54 volunteers reaching for the stars.
The City of Mission Viejo plans to hang the canvas 
in the library to celebrate it's volunteers.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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