Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 985: Not related, but definitely family.

paper & junk mail collage postcard

There are those special people in your life...
Who, thought not related,  are indeed family.
I am blessed to have many children & lots of family.

Roberto is family.
He is blessed with possibly the best parents on the plant.
They brought him to me at age 8 and adorable.

Jr. Olympic Team, Ohio

He is and has always been, smart, 
funny, handsome, athletic & perfect!

I have loved this young man for so many years.


Roberto married Dawn who is beautiful, 
funny, smart, athletic & perfect for Roberto.

We met for dinner Saturday ...
because they are moving to Colorado!

I am going to miss them.

But, parents have to let children leave the nest, right?
P.S. Nobody else is allowed to move!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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