Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 942: the 44th annual ...

"Action"  …  acrylic composition

After the big (600 people) banquet last night,
and up until the early hours …

tournament day came early!

Some of Canada's team referees.

90 referees met for directions from director, Dave Hines.

Michelle and Dave, two of the charting team who do
the heroic work making the tournament work!

Nisei Week Queen and princesses on hand ...
to present medals in each ring, a really special treat.

Working, so only a few competition photos ...

 and after shots.

Demura Sensei gave each official a beautiful wood plaque,
carved with his own calligraphy, "Kibou" …
meaning "Hope for the future."
A great day for all.

Thank you Demura Sensei.

A smile for Monday …

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