Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 939: But I am not in charge, it's not my table!

Sensei, brush & ink

I was just FB messaging back and forth to senior black belt …

Dean, in Kansas, where it's 36 degrees as we messaged.
I promised not to mention our temperature here in SoCal.

It is his birthday and so I wanted to wish him well.
We got to talking about this busy week and weekend ahead.
He wished us well, and the conversation turned to …
Demura Sensei, as we both hoped he could fit in some rest.

I mentioned that I think Demura Sensei is never happier 
than when he is with his many students and visitors.
I added that I think he needs more rest time to balance it out.
Dean replied, 
Lots of luck with that till it's over and then lots of luck."

And I concluded …"but, I am not in charge, not my table. 

Oh, I think I have tomorrow's blog … "

Thursday evening was advanced black belt kata training.

Due to limited space, divided into three seminars.

Adult Sho-Dan level, Ni-Dan 

36 ni-dans (no picture available of sho-dan group)

and San-Dan and higher.

56 san-dans and higher

Our hombu dojo is a tiny, humble building ...

but steeped in tradition and love for Karate-do.

Filled to capacity by eager students, thrilled to be

a part of it all, and to learn from Demura Sensei.

2 photo by Roy Center

A Board of Directors meeting

at 9:30 PM then home

to get ready for tomorrow.


A smile for Friday …

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