Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 934: They asked me, so I went.

"Kanji flowers",  photographs & digital collage

They asked me, so I went.

to their beautiful dojo.
Along with Michelle, John, Mike, Melissa, "Mo",
Ian, Sandy and Kevin to help with 
tournament preparation for their junior students, 
new to competition.

A well thought out agenda to help youngsters and their parents.
Michelle spoke on what to expect, 
where to meet, registration and where spectators should go.

I was asked to cover tournament etiquette, competition …
the ins and outs of entering and exiting the competition ring, 
on-deck procedure, waiting to compete, 
what referees/judges are looking for, 
and humility in winning and grace in losing.
John covered warming up and the staging procedures.

Mike explained tournament rules, including …
ties, and what to do if you forget the kata.

Kevin clarified the details of scorekeeping.
Then a mock tournament, followed by 
questions and answers & filling out registration forms.

And when we were done …
 they brought out the karate health food!

But it must be mentioned that the star spectator,
with impeccable manners, was Noah …
with the jazziest shoes in town!

What a great group, and aren't they lucky 
to be in such a kind and thoughtful traditional dojo?

Demura Sensei would be proud!

A smile for Sunday …

Hope you had a ♥ Happy Valentines Day! ♥ we did.

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