Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 930: I gave her my best "puzzled dog head-swivel" look.

 "Teddy Roosevelt", postage stamp & junk mail collage - journal page

I've gone to the same cleaners for nineteen years.

They use our telephone number for identification.
She asked for my number and I responded ... 714-970-2243.
She said you are not in our system?
I gave her my best "puzzled dog head-swivel" look.
What number did I give you? She repeated my number.
Oh my, that number is from 20 years ago. 
I gave her the current, correct number and was on my way.
But it does explain the state of my mental filing system.
I need a mental trash can, like the one on my computer.
Just sayin' ...

81' in Santa Ana, CA.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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