Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 923: It's essential to be properly fortified before mattress shopping.

"Leadbelly", postage stamp & junk mail collage journal page

I played almost all day yesterday.
I have done this random little blog for 923 days in a row.
I guess I have pretty good numbers, but I rarely get comments.
I look wistfully at the blogs I read, they all get lots of comments.
But, all of a sudden with the Invasion of the Stamp People
I got comments! How cool! I love it!
So, beware, 

Postcard mail art collage, using postage stamp

it may mean lots of stamp people coming your way?

You take a stamp ...

and play.

Now about the work part?
Since I played yesterday, today was catch-up.
I did loads of laundry.
The plumber installed a new shower-head & commode.
Salvation Army picked up my only mattress & bed frame.
Moved everything up and away to clear floors.
Had all my carpets (3) cleaned.
Had Mongolian BBQ for lunch.
It is essential to be properly fortified for mattress shopping. 
No luck.
Got gas. 
Survived a stop at Costco.
Home to get this blog done.
All available fans are on carpet.
Everything is out of place.
Mattress shopping isn't easy.
I'll be sleeping on the couch!
Playing with stamp people is more fun! 


A smile for Wednesday …

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