Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 845: Aunt Martha's in the kitchen!

To Thomas, "Desdemona & Ophelia", altered photos & digital collage

I receive a Brian Andreas artwork daily by e-mail. 
(You can too, painlessly, subscribe on his website.)
His work is often funny, tender and quirky.
So, I like it a lot ...

Hide & Seek
©2014 Brian Andreas

Today's (above)... reminded me of my Aunt Martha.
I thought I'd share a quick story with you. 
I lived with my Aunt Martha during the years 
Aunt Vonda and Aunt Martha sent me to Ball StateUniversity.

Aunt Vonda and Aunt Martha in Palm Springs, Ca.

Both were teachers and, I think, God's very best work.
 Aunt Martha was a single lady during the earlier years, 
before she married Uncle Jewell. 

Uncle Jewell and Aunt Martha on the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA.

As anyone who ever met her knows, 
she had such a wonderful sense of humor
beside all her other terrific qualities. 
I used to say, "Aunt Martha's in the kitchen"!
Because, whenever she cooked, she would ...
bang pots and pans making enough noise for ten people! 

I teased her about it,  she said it came from living alone, 
so it was like she had company! 
She would just laugh and shine that great smile of hers. 
I miss her so.

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A smile for Tuesday ...

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