Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 844: What do crazy art teachers do away from home?

3 stages of "Mai", mixed media, & acrylic

Art teachers are a bit crazy, and they have fun!

Art teachers from all over California ...
came to CAEA in Irvine for meetings, speakers & classes.
The classes shown below, at beautiful Saddleback College.

In a workshop called Mixed Media - Faces in a Crowd...

Participants will learn how to loosen up and simplify portraits. 
In this class, multiple faces will be painted on different substrates, 
trying out various styles and mediums using acrylics, marking tools and collage. 
Discover new ways to manipulate paint and combine different mediums, 
all without using a brush. 

The Second Workshop titled Mixed Media Collage Journals ... 

Participants will learn innovative, new and different techniques for collage.  
Students will paint on different substrates and use various styles and mediums 
such as acrylics, marking tools and collage materials to re-purpose books 
and create journals that include personal memories and experiences.

A really great group in both classes.

We used lots of stuff, made stamps, 

recycled orphaned library books, added pockets, 

used paints in a playful, unusual way, 

sorted through all kinds of papers, made a big mess ...

and had a great day and a lot of fun!

Thanks to wonderful, crazy art teachers everywhere!

A smile for Monday ...

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