Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 833: I need my "Peace of Mind" !

"Word", junk mail & magazine collage

It's true. I do.
I need my "Peace of Mind".
Little did Alicia Lopez ...
(college journalism instructor, newspaper editor, 
former parent, former student and friend),
know that when she gave me this gift years ago, 
a little 3 inch bottle,
she was probably saving my sanity?

I am not an addict.
I don't use it everyday, 
just on days when it seems like an uphill battle.
A tiny drop on the wrist, then smooched on the other wrist ...
and instant "Peace of Mind".  Lasts all day!

Today it was needed.
And, after many years, it appears ... 
I'm down to the last of my "Peace of Mind".
I haven't been in a mall in over a year,
but the Origin's counter can expect a customer, soon. 

88' in Santa Ana, Ca. today, no A/C, no fans!

Throw (way) Back Thursday ...

Billy Zabka, Christopher Ford, me ... Karate Kid movie (100years ago?)

A smile for Thursday ...

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