Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 830: Karate stuff ...


Over 800 days ago ... 
a friend said "I like the art stuff on your blog, but ...
I don't like the personal stuff."
I was crushed at the time, but I lived.
Another said, she "enjoyed the family stuff, but ...
didn't get the Karate stuff?"

That's okay too.
But, it is a big part of my life. Huge.
My Mom always wanted me to pick one area and focus on it.
"Doing that would ensure great success."
I wanted to explore lots of different areas, not just one.
Maybe my success, if I have it, is diversity?
And so, Sunday was a Karate day.

The smaller of our two annual tournaments.

It takes an enormous amount of preparation  ...

a sort of dry run for the upcoming International ...
Goodwill Championships in February 2015.

That event will celebrate Demura Sensei's 
50th Anniversary teaching in America.

Demonstrations, kata and kumite competition.


All under the watchful eye of Demura Sensei ...
and he, under the watchful eye of paparazzi.

The focus, power and beauty of kata.


Another great day in SoCal.

 A smile for Monday ...

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