Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 753: I have become a hybrid.

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It's been a lovely lazy Sunday here in So. Cal.
I have had three unplanned naps today. So far.
And they have cut heavily into my to do list.
I have given this some thought. 
And, I have decided I have become a hybrid.

For the past three years I have driven a Honda hybrid.
It is equipped with an econ button.

And, one of the features is call auto-stop.

Which means when I stop at a traffic signal, the motor stops.
It actually feels the engine has died, but ...
that's just auto-stop saving me idling $$.
Okay, I am finally to my point.
I believe that my body has copied this feature.
Because often when I idle ...
I nap.
Maybe I'll call it auto-nap.
What do you think?

A smile for Monday ...

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