Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 727: Lists and more stuff ...

"Multi" journal spread, stage 1

I so admire artist who do journal spreads.
Their art flows across the pages ...
with color, beauty and meaning.
I'd like to be like them.

"Multi" journal spread, stage 2

I have journaled for years, a messy journalizer ...
this is a bit out of my comfort zone. But I am trying.
You might notice I added some collage for comfort?

"Multi" journal spread, stage 3

But I still wasn't comfortable or satisfied.
I was so frustrated that I let it rest.
I secretly hoped it would look better in the morning.
So, it was on my list for today ...

"Multi" journal spread, stage 4

I had threatened it with black gesso!
And since the "time out" didn't work ... gesso time!
I thought of pouring, but didn't.
Then I scribbled, all over the place.

I have a motto ... "they can't all be gems", 
and I know this isn't, but it is better, right?

Do you make lists?
How about mental lists?
Do you nag? Yourself?
Have you ever added a chore to your list that you ...
 have already done, just so you could cross it off?
If so, I think we could be friends.

And, did you know ...
damson is a color, besides being a plum?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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