Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 723: A bit of a lull ...

"Public Opinion", collages & drawing, digitally blended.

This daily quest that I decided upon 723 days ago ...
means the need to have something to post daily, 
and so far, most of the time ... okay?
Just like real life ...
some days come easy and flow, 
some are a strain, and today I was blank.
Reaching a lull after a great, fun class yesterday,
and nearing the end of my week of house & grand-dog-sitting.
Do you know that lull where you want to let down, 
but know you can't totally, not yet?
I am home for a few hours to do this post, 
get my mail & newspaper.
And there was my post, sitting in my mailbox!
Look what I got!

by Brandy

A beautiful mail art postcard from Brandy ...

And that's not all, just recently ...

by John

John surprised me with one of my very favorites from his blog!

I am relatively new to the mail art community, but I am sold.
And what a contrast to normal mail!
I am wishing you a terrific surprise in your mail ...
and a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.

A smile for Saturday ...

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