Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 705: I'm home!

digital collage

TMI alert! 
(You may want to skip #'s 1 - 7, the personal stuff?)

I left four days ago, Friday morning at 10 AM.

90 minutes later I had gone 26 miles ...
to L.A. on the 5 Freeway, and barely a dent
 in my 247 miles, 4 hours and 1 minute trip
(according to Google Maps)

I made better time to Santa Barbara and ...
I've always wanted to try tacos from La Super Rica,

Julia Child's favorite Santa Barbara place for tacos. 
A tiny place with a 20 minute wait on the sidewalk 
before getting inside to see the menu and order. 
In line I watched the lady (above) make corn tortillas ... 
from scratch and put them on the grill.
The owner (above) took my order. 

I got 1 carnitas taco, 1 quesadilla & fresh guacamole.
So worth the trip and the wait!

Then to get serious about driving ... two hours
and another 122 miles to Paso Robles, my destination.

On the drive up, after leaving Santa Barbara 
and into and through hills and mountains ...
my radio stations faded away.
Gone were my six staple stations.
One, classical KUSC ...
three, R&B, soul & hip hop for me, 
and two, KIIS and 105.9 for my teenage grandsons.
In their place emerged KRUSH ... a soft country station, 
a talk radio, two salsa stations and static.
I decided they fit the scenery perfectly. Just sayin'.

My hosts, Jeri & Jerry said I needed to be there by 4PM.
I took this picture from their house on the hill.

We were to go somewhere really special...
 the famous Sea Chest Restaurant in Cambria!

Picture a place on the ocean, where people bring chairs,
line up outside at 4PM waiting to get in at 5:30PM. True!
A perfectly wonderful meal with good friends.
And, as we left, just as many people waiting to get in.

I slept so good.
That was my Friday!
I hope you had a good one too?

A smile for Monday ...

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