Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 684: Eastside Prep!

digital collage, using discards from below preparation

Sounds like a fancy east coast prep school?
Maybe, but in my case ...
it means I am getting ready for Eastside tomorrow.

Eastside meets each month to do art.
And this month we have prep work.
Directions, a supply list and a month to get ready.
So tonight, the night before, I get busy.

I ran to the hardware store for joint compound.

I rounded up some tools for texture.
If it sounds like I know what I'm doing ...
I don't. But I am working towards it,
and I'll learn tomorrow.

I had planned to buy cradleboard,
but found some redwood siding in the garage.

Directed to cover all or part of the wood surface ... 

with compound,  and I added textures ...

kinda like icing a cake, as I remember?

Oh, and I found this cool wooden box!

And then, as I cleaned up I found this on the newspaper.

My reward. 
You gotta love serendipity!
Tune in tomorrow for the results?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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