Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 665: Joy from others.

junk mail, newspaper & magazine collage

It's late and I am tired.
I wondered what Day 665 blog could be?
This brain is less agile when weary.
But there is a part of me that is childishly hopeful and trusting.
Something will come.
Today is was Amy Duncan.
You see one of my daily rituals ...
is to read a few very special blogs.
Four Corners Design is one of those.
I marvel at her beautiful, well-chosen photography ...
her concise yet elegant words, and
today, Amy said ...

Likewise, me and my home and studio are about tones and textures...nothing jumping out at you or screaming "look at me!" They say that if you look around a person's home, you often get a good idea of what clothing they wear...people have a tendency to gravitate to the same colors time and again.

And then I looked around at my clutter, and stuff.

I take joy from Amy.

But I realize that in my very small studio ...

everything jumps out at you ...

all screaming to "look at me!"

Maybe that's why I get joy from others?

 A smile for Thursday ...

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