Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 645: I love this photo!

I do.

I took it at the O.C. Fair years ago.
Chloe's Mom, Janine was checking out my camera ...
and I clicked! 
And I have saved it knowing I would use it someday.
Today is that day.

I got out my 30 x 40' canvas. And started in.

It will be some collage and more acrylics.

I plan to use the techniques we will use in 

the upcoming Mixed Media "Faces in a Crowd" class.

This canvas is not done yet.
I know what it needs, but ...
I am done for the day.
I am not thrilled with my results ... that happens, 
but I decided to post it anyway.
It may be savable, or it may get gessoed!

A smile for Friday ...

(dust bunnies)

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