Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 622: Everybody loves a ...

Everybody loves a ... love story!
I've told a couple during these 622 days.

Here's a great one for you ... meet Jim and Joanne.
Parents of eight, Grandparents of seven.
Karate-ka for thirty one years.
Black belts training under Demura Sensei 
in both Karate-do and Batto-do.

Teaching day classes three days and Batto on Sunday.
Jim plays golf, Joanne does zumba and both
are involved in their church and family affairs.
They are a source of dedication and inspiration,
to each other and to those of us who train with them.

Recently they celebrated their 58th anniversary 
training in day class at our hombu dojo.
Where will you spend your 58th anniversary?

We're having a heat wave ...

A smile for Wednesday ...

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