Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 621: Everybody has a ...

Everybody has a Grandma.
You do.
 And if you're lucky, you have two!

digital composition from an old photo

Meet Leila Mills Sheets Turner Orr.
One of my Grandmas. My Dad's Mom.
At 4' 9" and size 4 shoe ...
 she still had room for the biggest heart ever.

Years ago, I was a passenger riding in a friend's car.
He was losing patience with an elderly driver ahead...
she was moving at a very leisurely pace.
I bit my tongue as long as I could ...and then said, 
" I bet she's somebody's Grandma."
That seemed to calm the air.
I have to admit, I do say that to myself as well.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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