Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 545: Almost back ...

among the living!
I can still do a lot!
Thant's not the problem.
It's the time afterwards.
I definitely seem to have a slower recovery time.
The subject... a five day art retreat in beautiful Paso Robles.

pastel by Julie Dunn

My first.
I could have shared a ride with two other great ladies.
But, I chose to drive alone so I could ...
stop when I wanted, 
listen to what I wanted, 
and other selfish habits that I have carefully cultivated.
I got a late start, paid for it on the dreaded "5" freeway.

I think I set a new record ... 13 minutes to go 1 mile!
Yes that's a zero mph on the dash.
Five and a half hours later I arrived in a very dark Paso Robles.

And, the sunrise from my bedroom window the next morning ...

But it's time to meet our hostess ...

Jeri is a force of nature, a dynamo, 
with more personality and generosity ...
than anyone I have ever met.
Jeri and her husband Jerry live in a big house 
on top of a hill overlooking Paso Robles.

my bedroom

Hidden away in the white structure is a commercial grade 
art studio with every conceivable book, tool & supply.

I took over 200 photos during my 5 days ...

taken on my walk

so a few for now, and more each day.

i-pad collage

A smile for Wednesday ...

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