Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 477: Two days early! Me?

Finally buckled down & finished my homework for Friday.
That's two days early! 
A "major" accomplishment for me.
Finished seven pieces last night and laid them out ...
on my desk to check this morning.
The ultimate test.
Too often masterpieces late at night ...
disappoint the next morning.

My Mom playing with baby chicks

The project assignments are for my first on-line class.
Experiments in Collage II
Taught by Randel Plowman, master collagist, 
author & teacher, it is a labor intensive learning experience.
I have done collage for years & now learning new ways.
This project dealt with layers & transparency.
On Saturday, a new lecture/demo and ... 
another assignment due next Friday.

My Grandpa & Grandma & their first farmhouse on 32.

I now know enough to know what I will...
 do differently next time. 
A valuable lesson I think.

Maybe more tomorrow ...
unless something better turns up.

A smile for Friday ...

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