Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 472: A digital collage recipe?

I am midway in the Randel Plowman online class.

My first on line class, with some surprises.
We have homework, research, projects and due dates!
After an afternoon on assignment, I took a break ...
and rustled up this ten minute digital collage,
using some of my researched images ...

Here are the ingredients:

layer1 background color selection
layer 2 stripes for depth


layer 3 image

layer 4 image

layer 5 brush detail
layer 6 brush detail


layer 7 image
layer 8 text/font

and after some tweaking and stirring ...

I had spent the afternoon playing catch up, but sometimes
a girl needs to play? Did I mention I procrastinate?

A smile for Sunday from the found images ...

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