Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 378: You have to meet Charlie!

On Sunday evening, four SUV's left the lake  ...
Bill, Janice,Will and Megan left for Illinois. 
Scott, Michelle, Jayden, and Julia left for Zionsville, Indiana.
David, Sheryl, Masin and Lucie Pauline left for Carmel, Indiana
Brian, Marni, Tyler, Maddy, Katelyn, Ava, Tanner, 
Gabe and Jake left for Fishers, Indiana.
That left a mere 13 cousins at the cabin for the night.

Early, Monday morning, two SUV's driven by John,  Bob 
and Donna left the lake for Indianapolis Airport.
They contained precious Florida-bound cargo ... 
Paula, Conner, Ryan, Gavin,  Keith, Denise, Jordan and Peyton.

The plan was for Martha and I to clean up the cabin.
We did and then drove Donna's SUV to Sheridan.
I mention that it was Donna's car, so that you will know...
 it was unfamiliar to both Martha and myself.
That will be important later.
After dropping Martha at her home in Sheridan,
I drove to cousin Katha's home in Lebanon.
After a five hour visit, I started my drive to ...
Donna & Bob's home in Lebanon.
It was then that I noticed the rear windshield wiper 
was working, intermittently, and so 
I played with every knob in sight.
Nothing worked, as this was Donna's car. I gave up.

Now I want to tell you about Charlie.

I used to know my way around Lebanon ...
 but I soon realized I was having trouble. 
I noticed a man in a baseball cap walking. 
Five minutes later I passed him again. 
I called Donna and she gave me more directions.
I was still turned around. Then I made a turn, 
passing the man again and ending up in a dead end.
I was aware of him watching me, 
and maybe my intermittent windshield wiper? 
I made a u-turn and decided to ask for help.
As I pulled up he had a bewildered smile, 
which turned into a full-blown smile ... 
as I couldn't find the controls for the window, 
and had to open my door to talk. 
Remember, it was Donna's car.
I told him where I was going, and he recognized the location 
and started to give me directions, then paused and said ...
"Do you mind if I just get in and show you where to go?"
I said that would be fine, and we both got in. 
I drove and he sat in the seat behind me.
That was when I got the giggles. 
It was as if I saw the whole scenario, windshield wipers, 
unopened windows and now a man behind me. 
I did laugh out load. 
I apologized, introduced myself, and asked his name?
He said, "I am Charlie Smith. I live at that corner house."
I told him I was so glad to meet him. 
I said that I write a daily blog ...
 and would he mind if I wrote about this?
He said, "that would be fine."
Within a few streets, he had me to my familiar cross-streets,
so I asked him if I could drive him back home?
He said, "No, that's fine. I walk a lot here-abouts."
I gave him my card. 
That was two weeks ago.
Due to family vacation posts ... 
I am posting this later than expected.
But I wanted to share my meeting with this kind man ...
who made such an impression on me. 
Living in Souther California, we don't invite men into our cars. 
But this was a gentleman, from Lebanon, Indiana 
and I am lucky to have met him.

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