Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 375: Food and fun!

During our weekend at the lake ...
we had so much fun!

Of all the pictures of our weekend at the lake ...
this may be my favorite. I didn't get everyone, 
but counted 28 cousins in the water!

A multi-age, multi-family version of kickball!

There was green bean preparation, "smores" cookers,
photographers, ponderers, and mediators.
And of course, there was food!

and we had a birthday and 2 cakes!

and the world's best pizza ... Pizza King!

If you haven't had Indiana's Pizza King ... so, so sorry!

Guess what's under the foil?
And upstairs in the playroom ...

pretend food!

Paula/ hammock time!

A great time on the lake!

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