Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 213: 42nd Annual Goodwill Tournament.

Today was our busiest day of the year.

Held at Costa Mesa High School with a capacity crowd.

Judges assignments ...Ring 6

After vocal, traditional Japanese Dance, kata, kumite, 
taiko, batto and kobudo-kumite demonstrations ...
team kata and junior competition began.

to award medals to the winners of each division.

Tournaments require some patience and waiting.

Curtis Yamasaki

Six rings running 
from 10 - 6:30 PM

Mens kunite winners. Brian Hilliard (L) USA National Champion, 1st place.

Demura Sensei presented a Tokaido gi, as
Outstanding Competitor Award to Brian Hilliard, 
1st place Men's Black Belt Kata and Kumite.

 Brian Crismas, Kansas Instructor
Tournament Director, Dave Hines
The tournament goes smoothly, because of 

Cam Steuart, Chief Instructor -  Canada
 Byron Fennema, Instructor - California
Demura Sensei's many dedicated Instructors ...

Kumi Akiba, Japan & California
Greg Collier, Announcer&Instructor, CA.

from all over the world.

Swabe Sensei, Japan and Sakamoto Sensei, Chief Instructor - Honduras

Mrs. Nishiki & Ken Nishiki, Japan Instructor/Coach

Mrs. Nishiki, Sensei of Traditional Japanese Dance.

Fan used in traditional Japanese Dance, performed by Mrs. Nishiki.
A great day!

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