Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 194: Boarding school at 8?

Today I read Dorothy Crone's blog ... and connected.
I am often struck by the similarities.
But today, it was a real connection.

from the Timeline series

An only child, my parents divorced when I was five.
I knew they both loved me. 

We all just did the best we could.

from the Timeline series

I went to public schools in second and part of third grade.
front row, left ... from the Timeline series

Mom worked at night, so at age 8, I went to boarding school.
First, to San Marino School for Girls.

front row, 4th from left ... from the Timeline series

The lady my Mom worked for, was able to get me accepted 
into Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

a vintage postcard from that time

An all girls Pasadena boarding school on top of a mountain.

It had been a luxury hotel until the depression, when 
the church bought it and converted it into a school.

our room was bottom center, yellow dot

My roommate, DeDe and I had our own room, 
bathroom and once a week cleaning service.
The Dominican nuns were strict but fair.
My hero was Sister Benigna.

We wore uniforms, grey blazer, while blouse and 
plaid pleated skirt, but dressed for dinner each evening.
We ate in a huge dining hall.

DeDe and many of the girls stayed all the time. 
I got to go home on weekends. DeDe came too.
I have many good memories from my years there.
But, it was boarding school, age 8 - 11.

1952 ... from the Timeline series

At age 11 my Mom and I moved to Australia.

But that's another story.

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