Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 138: Don't tell anyone ...

I am going to trust you with very vulnerable information.
Don't tell anyone, okay?
I'm blessed.
Students gave me
an i-phone, and
an i-pad last year.
I already had a ...

Mac Pro for my graphics, so I am kinda "techy". 
But, when a tv remote "acts up"...  I'm toast!

Ever call tech support from your cable company?
It's on a par with getting a root canal!

But, being blessed, I got Doug, in Iowa!
He was great! His mother did a good job.

I have a smallish (by grandson standards) plasma tv 
in my bedroom, and somehow pushed a errant remote button. 
This resulted in snow.  Just snow.  No matter what, snow. 

Doug talked me through and had it solved in minutes.
So I said, "Doug, can you help me with the old tv? 
It isn't getting cable stations". Doug said "Sure".

In the living room I have a 1995 Sanyo big screen (for then).
It takes a forklift to move. 
Even super-hero Doug could not find a manual for this remote. 
It is easier for super-heroes to give directions 
if they can see the remote.
So I said, "I'll take a picture of it and text you."

Doug said that would work. Please picture me holding a phone, 
using speakerphone, an aging remote that is malfunctioning, 
and now an i-phone to take a photo. Co-ordination chaos.
Even I can't dig up a picture of that.

And so, I took a picture of the phone! 
Doug promised he wouldn't tell.
And as he said, at least I didn't send it.

I took a picture of the remote and Doug was able to help me.
The remote wasn't functioning well, and Doug said new batteries might be in order, or even better, a universal remote.
I asked if that might not require programming?
He said I can call back. 
Doug is my new hero.

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