Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 136: Do you know Orly?

Do you ever have one of those days when you are dragging?
Still going through life, but sort of dragging an anchor behind?
I was having one of those days.
They never stop me, but I won't get a speeding ticket either.

Then I got an e-mail from Orly Avineri.
Sometimes you are given what you need.

I knew of Orly of course, because I love journaling. 
And, if you do, you will know Orly. 
And Orly's book, One Artist Journal.

So, Orly's e-mail mentioned a six hour workshop 
in Redondo Beach, in two days. I e-mailed and found that
there was still one space. God is good. I reserved it. 
A slightly early birthday gift for me, from me.

I arrived at Orly's studio/home late. So I apologize that 
I don't have names to go with all of my fellow artists.

Welcomed into a colorful, warm and enabling space ...

we were invited to explore Orly's books and journals.

That's when I found this huge journal ...

really, HUGE! Maybe 10x12x9", conservatively.

We got to work. Orly is a natural teacher. 
She gave information, made sure we understood, 
then set us free to work.

Working with gesso, masking liquid, paints, 

water soluble pastels, collage ...

we all started on our path ...

to separate and different destinations. 

Working individually, but harmoniously as a group.

A very nurturing experience.

Lots of color ...

Orly's journal

 freedom and fun!

This is my psychic! 
Orly recommends having a second journal nearby, 
for overflow of paint, ideas etc. She called it a sidekick.
But, due to my faulty hearing, I thought she said "psychic".

See more of Orly at this youtube video. 
It will give you the sounds. colors and amazing-ness of Orly.

And, as I was loading my car ... 
I looked up and liked this little slice of Redondo Beach sky. 
Not what you might expect, but, to me, that makes it better!
Just like my day with Orly.

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