Friday, December 14, 2012

142: Satsuma's in the rain ...

This morning was gray and rainy.
Not common for SoCal.
From my window I saw the Satsuma.

Satsuma is a Japanese seedless mandarin.
Some years ago, I bought a 1 gallon Satsuma tree.
Though rangy, the tree is now six feet tall.

Satsuma are ready to pick just before the holidays.

My tree is a bit scraggly.  I forget to feed it.
It bravely produces wonderful fruit despite it's owner.

See, it's not lush like it could be.
I plan to do a better job this year.

Iron sculpture by Jim Koch

I have a lot of rusty stuff in my little yard.
An iron eagle watches over his small domain.

And then there's the bells.  I love bells.
Bells keep away evil spirits. You knew that, right?
I have so many, I protect the whole neighborhood.
Whether they want it or not.

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