Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 40: A talkative avocado?

Okay, I hadn't planned on this. You were going to get 
some great shots of LA's Union Station. Maybe later.

It started with a salad for lunch, and an avocado.

This little avocado seed said "save me, I can grow". 
I hadn't planned on it, and was foggy on how.  Google!
explains to remove the skin at the base,  who knew?

Now to show I have done this before,  just not lately.
On my patio is an avocado tree. 

This 12' beauty came from my seed about 14 years ago.

I couldn't get the whole tree in one shot.
Stop looking at my messy patio! I am in a loosing
battle with a 50' pine tree, with attacking pine needles.

Back to the salad. Baby arugula, basil and my avocado.

Meanwhile, I am cooking 3 pounds of spinach in my wok! 
Thats a bag the size of your bed pillow,  added a little at a time.


Add feta cheese ... mmmm.

and strawberries ...

Check the spinach. Yes, that's 3 pounds cooked down.

Lemon juice from Marsha's lemon tree and pine nuts.
Did you know pine nuts are $18.99 a pound?
I bought $3.84 worth of pine nuts and am tempted
to count them to see the cost per. 

I add the juice of half of Marsha's lemon, seeded,
then cut it it in quarters to boil with the spinach.
Yes, I discard the lemons before eating. 
If you're not a spinach lover,  have you tried this? 
It's good for you!

My lunch is ready.  
I'm no Julia Childs,  but I'd love to be 6'2".
Bon Appetit!

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