Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 38: My relatives before I met them.

 With a family of ten, then seven, 
there are lots of stories to be told and passed on.

Imagine being the three elder sisters dating.
L-R: Uncle Russel & Aunt Fern, 
Aunt Pauline & Uncle Owen, Aunt Martha & Uncle Jerry, 
and all under the watchful eye of their Dad, 
my Grandpa Beatty.

Aunt Pauline was third oldest and youngest sister.
She an Uncle Owen were outstanding teachers.
A lot of teachers in our family.

The youngest,  Dorothy,  at 12.

And, again at 18.  Before she met my Dad.

My Mom, Dorothy Areva Beatty Turner.

My Dad, William Glenn Turner. 

And so it began.

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