Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 22: I used to be a potter.

Eons ago, after ten years of teaching, we had a baby girl.  I became a stay at home mom.  That was so hard.  I started doing ceramics in my garage during nap-time and at night.  This grew into a small business, Superslop!

I had sales twice a year.  By invitation only.  Amazing to me now, but it worked.

After being in a craft show in LA, I began to sell to a few decorators and two department stores.
Over the years I have lost some of the product line photos, but have found the faces line to show.

Primarily unglazed, high-fired stoneware slabs and thrown shapes.  Some had iron oxide and or porcelain.  Decorators favored the wall planters. The roping probably gives away the age?

I always said I just played with the clay and the faces appeared. 


Two of my favorites were Laurel and Hardy. 

I still have Laurel, why someone separated them I don't know.

Laurel's holding up pretty well after all these years,  I hope the same for Hardy.

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