Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 15: Somedays I just need to collage.

Somedays it is mixed media, in that I add more than just paper. Sometimes I add marker, watercolor, acrylics, special papers or gesso. But the ones I will share today are collage, just magazine paper. 
They are abstract, in that they don't have a subject matter.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I love words and it's rare that they are not in my work. You might notice that the letters are often dissected, and almost always sideways or upside down.  This is intentional, as it is my goal for you to see the design,  not read the words.

To illustrate this,  two years ago I entered a large
piece in the professional mixed media division at the Orange County Fair. It was big and heavy, made of about 30 smaller collages. (It is now owned by journalist, Alicia Lopez). 
The Fair called me to tell me that I had won, but they 
wondered if whoever I had do the framing, might have 
hung it upside down? I laughed and explained that 
I had framed it, and it was right side up. ;o)

I hope if your time allows, you might leave me a comment?
I feel like that lonely little kid at an empty lunch table.

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