Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Day 2561: About Observation.

Barn Series #23: old photo, collage, acrylic & digital.

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Tonight's ingredients for Barn Series #23:







So many possible variations, it's hard work deciding.


Reading this article and the fantastic photos 
brought back so many memories.
During high school, I lived with Dad in the tiny house.
We lived less than ten miles from the Observatory.
I remember going there as a young child and being 
so fascinated by the Foucault Pendulum.

I could very well be one of the little ones hanging 
over the edge, captivated in this older photo. 
I seem to remember having to be coaxed away, 
as I was certain that this was surely the best of all.

 I remember a few high school dates at the Observatory show.
The "SAMUEL OSCHIN PLANETARIUM  with its spectacular Zeiss 
star projector, digital projection system, state-of-the-art 
aluminum dome, comfy reclining seats, enabling a great  
view of the show on the big ceiling, sound system, and 
theatrical lighting, the 290-seat Oschin Planetarium 
theater is the finest planetarium in the world. 
Every show is presented by a live, engaging storyteller."  
I also remember the "engaged" speaker with a powerful 
yet soothing voice that fit the show perfectly. Engaging, yes.

Colonel Griffith J. Griffith left funds in his will to build a 
public observatory in Los Angeles because he believed 
in the transformative power of observation. 
After looking through the research telescope at Mt. Wilson 
Griffith said: “If all mankind could look through that 
telescope, it would change the world!” 
Since opening in 1935, Griffith Observatory has 
fulfilled his vision by offering public telescope viewing 
through the historic Zeiss telescope, coelostat 
(solar telescope), and portable telescopes on the lawn. 
A magical place I'd like to revisit.

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Day 2560: How are you today?

Geisha Series #13: old print, collages and digital.

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How are you today? What have you got planned?
 I usually go to train at day class, but WW asked me
to lunch, so I met her at Shabu Shabu.

When I got home I started on my Global Entry application.

So I paid $$$ and it's to be reviewed, if I pass, 
they schedule an interview in Long Beach. 
Another task on the long list before I go to ...

Tomorrow I go to see Julie, so she can help me with my ...

Actually, if I looked like her, I wouldn't change a thing!
Have a great day, okay?

Since I worked on this one tonight, I have the ingredients handy.
Geisha Series #13 started with an old narrow Japanese print.



Using Photoshop,  I added "a" collage under the original 
and "b" print over the original, erasing parts of each..
then playing within the layers until I liked it.

final #13

Impossible to top the original, I go for different?

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, July 29, 2019

Day 2559: Super Summer Seminar 2019

Geisha Series #14: old print, collage and digital.

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Last Sunday of July, each year, it's ...
Super Summer Seminar 2019

 This year, there were 3 seminars, one for kobudo, one for karate and one for batto. 9 - 5 pm.  Each seminar was in honor of 3 senior members of the Genbu-kai organization whom we lost this year.

         Choji Sato                    Byron Fennema            Bill Stoner

Costa Mesa Recreation Center Gym

Did I mention that we are in a heat wave?



          Hannah, a very young lady, now a Sophomore in high school.

Former students, Hannah with John, a new red belt.

Demura Sensei and Mei

A fun day and we all survived.
Thank you Demura Sensei.
Thanks also to Sempei's 
Dave Jones, Dave Hines & Thanh Nguyen for teaching.

A smile for Monday ...