Sunday, March 31, 2019

Day 2439: Alter ego's.

Alter ego: photo, acrylics, collage.

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12 artists work on a 6 hour mixed media marathon.

We created our own collage papers with mark making.

by Valerie

This while our photos were being printed.


We took the photo and made the changes that appealed to us.


Not many were thrilled to have a close-up, 
but I promised they could change whatever they didn't like.
That's the beauty of collage. 


The face prints. mounted on canvas, went through changes. 














12 Alter-ego's on canvas. Oh, and stamp people ...

by Carole, Christine & Tanya

by Margarita, Jessica & Julie

Six hours of fun, experimenting and playing.

There was a break for lunch!

A feel good story.

 Grandhunk #3, a senior at OLU is away on a mission trip.

Twice each year, the OLU Missions Program partners with the Bishop Paiute Tribe and other organizations in and around Bishop, California for our Native American Reservation Trip (NART). Since 2012, we have been working towards restoring relationships between the Native community. Our ministry projects provide an avenue for us to connect and build relationships with the people of the area and these projects include construction, landscaping, gardening, working with the elderly, kids ministry, environmental projects, and homeless ministry. 

Participants on these trips spend time with the Bishop Paiute Tribe and the work they do in the region, however small, 
communicates the value we place on the qualities they value. 
Our care for the things that the Tribe cares for shows 
them the love that we have for them.

Grandhunk #3

They pitch tents, cook, and have fun being together 
as well as being of service to others.
They will be home Monday.

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Day 2438: Sections.

Sections: junk mail collage & digital postcard

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I send a postcard to every person who takes one of my classes.
A hand made postcard, and I am behind in sending to 
the last class on March 7th. Taxes and stuff got in the way.
I use a 4x6' Strathmore Mixed Media postcard.

step 1

I like text but usually use it sideways or upside down.
And, I prefer a torn edge. 

step 2

I save too much stuff. I have magazines and all kinds of papers.

step 3

I don't usually use metallics, but this one seemed to fit.

step  4

Sometimes edges align and it strengthens the composition.

step 5

It was a little too balanced, but the 5th piece made it work. 

step  6

A small collage on the address side, because it's fun.
Ready to address, stamp and mail. 
I like this one. Maybe because it happened easily.
They don't always, and sometimes I add too much.
It's definitely an audition process.

"Overheard on the Titanic" by Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is a smart, funny guy. An artist, author & Dad.
I follow and look forward to his Friday blog here.
He is getting ready to go on a 25 day book tour 
for his newest book, Keep Going ...

A guide to staying creative in good times and bad.

He offered the above print free to those who pre-order by April 1st. 


Step 1: Pre-order the book anywhere books are sold before midnight on April 1. (EST.) If you can, support your local indie! Buying online at places like Amazon or B&N is great, too. If you want a signed copy, order from Bookpeople — they ship everywhere! Wherever you buy, save your receipt.
Step 2: Fill out this form, and follow all the instructions. (Overseas friends: you can still get a free print, but it has to be shipped to an address in the United States.)
Questions? Email:

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